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Foot & Ankle Surgery
Shoulder & Elbow Surgery


Dr. Kim treats patients with a wide range of conditions focusing on shoulder, elbow, knee, and ankle injuries. He is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with dual-fellowship training in both Shoulder and Elbow Surgery and Foot and Ankle Surgery. He specializes in reconstructive procedures such as shoulder and ankle replacements as well as minimally-invasive arthroscopic techniques. He is sought out for expertise in complex and revision shoulder replacement and reconstruction, including reverse shoulder replacements. With his practice based in Burlingame adjacent to Peninsula Medical Center, he also has extensive experience in treating patients with complex fractures.

His interest in teaching has taken him around the world with organizations such as Health Volunteers Overseas. He has worked with and taught orthopedic surgeons in 10 countries on multiple continents during his career.

For years he has volunteered time to teach surgeons communication skills, the goal to improve trust and connection between patient and surgeon. He also has worked to improve patient safety in orthopedic surgery. As Chair of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Patient Safety Committee, he has led national initiatives in response to the opioid crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic

What His Patients Say

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"I had been dealing with shoulder issues for 10 years. I had 2 surgeries in 2015 and kept dealing with range of motion and dislocation issues. I switched to Dr. Kim for my 3rd surgery and it changed my future. My shoulder is better now than before my last tear. Thank you Dr. Kim!! I would highly recommend Dr. Kim to my family and friends!!"

Richie B.
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"I had a pretty severe fall which necessitated the surgery. Dr. Kim was incredibly clear and concise with what to expect and his team was always attentive and available from beginning to end. I would highly recommend Dr. Todd Kim to my family and friends."

Joseph S.
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“Excellent orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Kim is kind, considerate, professional, patient, and dependable.”

Faye J.
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“I feel so blessed to have been under the superb care of Dr Kim and his wonderful caring staff. They are extremely knowledgeable and gifted. My surgery was a difficult one but with Dr Kim’s expertise I am well on the road to a successful recovery. Thank you all!”

Mathew P.
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"Dr. Kim did an excellent job with a rather complicated surgery on my right leg. He has a cheerful demeanor and always patiently listens to any concerns I might have. The Physical Therapy was prescribed for my leg and later for pain in my right shoulder have done wonders in getting my mobility back pain-free. I would highly recommend Dr. Kim to my family and friends."

Mona N.
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What Makes You Different?

Although I treat many patients with similar orthopedic injuries, I believe that the best outcomes for patients result from individualized treatment plans. Not every injury is the same. And to be sure, every patient has his or her own goals. Whether your hope is to return to a high level of competitive sports or to be able to walk your dog without pain, forming the best treatment plan requires excellent communication and trust with your surgeon. I am committed to listening and working with you to find the best treatment approach for your injury and lifestyle. My goal is to provide you the highest quality of care by offering the most advanced yet scientifically sound surgical treatments available.

What are Your Favorite Activities to Do in Your Free Time?

Spending time with my family, most often outdoors. We love hiking, cycling, and trips to the beach.

Practice Locations

1501 Trousdale Dr.
Suite 115, Orthopedic Surgery
Burlingame, CA 94010


  • Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
  • Foot and Ankle Surgery
  • Joint Replacement
  • Fracture Repair
  • Lower Extremity Reconstruction

Medical Education & Training

  • Medical School: University of California, San Diego (1999)
  • Internship: UCSF Orthopedic Surgery 2001; UCSF Internal Medicine 1999
  • Residency: UCSF Orthopedic Surgery 2002-2006; UCSF Internal Medicine 2000
  • Fellowship(s):Foot/Ankle and Lower Extremity Reconstruction, Portland OR 2006; Shoulder and Elbow Surgery,Auckland NZ 2007
  • Years in Practice : 17

Professional Affiliations

  • Executive Medical Director, Neuromusculoskeletal Service Line, Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group
  • Board of Directors, Western Orthopaedic Association
  • Fellow American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Fellow American Orthopaedic Association



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